Hi, I am an Automotive Technology Teacher at FrankHurt Secondary, Surrey, B.C. I found myself getting frustrated trying to teach automotive from books as I could never find the exact picture that I was looking for. For that reason I have recently developed some of my lesson plans using powerpoint which I am finding to be an invaluable teaching tool. I have since noticed a very positive influence on the students, most notably their understanding of more difficult theories. The aspect of using animation in a Power Point slide show allows me to show students how the internal parts of an engine work as well as other mechanical parts of a vehicle, a task which is not possible from a book or even using an actual engine. I use the PowerPoints for educational purpose only. Furthermore, my students are video taping various automotive related demos and are posting them on You Tube under "frankhurtauto", check it out..

M. Grewal
Frank Hurt secondary Automotive
Ph: 604 592 1213
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