Automotive 12 course outline

Disclamer: Some of the pictures used in my powerpoints are taken from google search engine. All my PowerPoints are used for Educational purpose.

Starting SystemPDF format of lessonStarting system video
Cool video of starting system

Charging System
Class notes in PDF
How an Alternator works
Alternator animation

How Carburators work

Class notes
Vacuum Gauge chart
Class Notes in PDF
How stuff works
Video on how carb. works

Ignition SystemDiagnosing Ignition SystemDiagnosing ignition system in PDF
Distributor Ignition system Vodeo
Basic Ignition systemVideo

Fuel Injection System
Class notes

Class Notes in PDF
How Fuel Injection System Works
Fuel Injection System Video
Direct Fule injection VS Ported fue injection
Working of an Injector
On line test

Emission System

Class Notes
How Emission control system works
How Stuff (Emission) works
4 and 5 gas analizer

Differentials and Transaxles
Class Notes
Class Notes in PDF
How stuff works Differential
Video rear differential swap
Ring and Pinion gear instillation and adjustment
How to setup a differential

Manual Transmission
Class notes
Class notes in PDF
How manual trani. works
Cutaway of manual transmission