Automotive 11 course outline

Disclamer: Some of the pictures used in my powerpoints are taken from google search engine. All my PowerPoints are used for Educational purpose.

Auto Safety

Automotive FastenersClass notes in PDFTest Fasteners test

Automotive ToolsPDF

Basic Overview of the Vehicle
Notes in PDF

Engine PartsClass notes Class notes in PDF3-D Animation of an Engine
Another engine component 3-D animation
Working of an engine

Good site for different engines animation

4 stroke Gas Engine
Class notes in PDF

Diesel Engine

Class notes in PDF
How Diesel engine works
Rotary EngineRotary Engine VideoAnother cool Rotary Engine video


Lubrication SystemClass notes in PDFLubrication system video
Lubrication system animation

Cooling system
Class notes in PDF
How cooling system works
Cooling system Video

Braking System
How brakes work
Drum brakes animation
__Animation How brakes work__
How Disc brakes work Video

Steering System Class notes

PDF notes
Sample Test
How stuff works
Steering System
Video Steering system

How Suspension System Works

PDF class notes
Sample Test
How Stuff works
Suspension system

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Video of performing alignmentSuspension and alignmentBasic suspension and alignment

TiresClass notes in PDF
TPMS training video
TPMS Tire repair video

Battery Class notes PPT
BatteryClass notes in PDF
Video How Car battery works Car Battery

Basic Electrical SystemClass notes in PDF

How car electrical system works
How Relays work
Video automotive electrical circuit
Voltage drop test